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Saturn 1

Photos of Saturn

After our successful viewing of Saturn on Friday night, Morgan was excited about staying up on Saturday night to have a look for himself. We’re not sure if it was the prospect of seeing Saturn for the first time or the staying up late that had him excited, but with clear skies it promised much. Venus was...

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Out with the night time toys – Viewing Saturn 3

Out with the night time toys – Viewing Saturn

At last, the rain has stopped, the murk has cleared and we had a relatively clear night in store. I mowed the lawn so was already one step ahead this weekend and I was able to get out the night-time toys – namely the telescope and moth trap. Not at the same time of course as...

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The Moon, Venus & Jupiter 0

A Celestial Triangle

It’s a perfect night for star-gazing tonight, I’ve just been out there wearing shorts and ‘T’-shirt looking at a triangle formed by the Moon, Venus and Jupiter. To be honest you don’t need a telescope to see them at their best and on a clear night like tonight, they are really obvious in the sky...

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Horsehead Nebula 2

Horse Head Nebula

I’ve always liked the Horsehead nebula (also known as Barnard 33 in emission nebula IC 434). I remember looking at amazing photos of it in astronomy books and marvelling at it. It is s a dark nebula in the constellation Orion. The nebula is located just to the south of the star Alnitak, which is farthest west on Orion’s Belt. I haven;t yet been...

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Stargazing Live at Nant yr Arian 0

Stargazing Live at Nant yr Arian

Following on from the BBC Stargazing Live programmes, there was an event at Nant yr Arian yesterday organised by the Physics Department at the university, so we booked onto it and had been looking forward to it for a while. Our plan was to get there mid afternoon, have a mountain bike ride / walk...

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Andromeda Galaxy 2

Tracking down the Andromeda Galaxy

After spending some working on the basics of piggyback astro-photography with some shots of Orion, I decided to turn my attention to the Andromeda Galaxy (M31). I hadn’t been able to see this object yet, either with the naked eye or through the telescope, but I had a good idea of where it was. I therefore...

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Warm clothes on! 5

Astro-Photography – My First Attempts

We had another lovely clear night last night so once again it was time to get our new telescope out. I had to have a bit if help from Anna to carry it out as my back was still sore, but we all wrapped up warm and soon had the necessary equipment in the garden....

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Jupiter 2

Star Gazing in Wales with Morgan

At last, we’ve had a couple of clear nights, the first since Xmas, so we’ve been able to get our new telescope out. Anna was out rehearsing and doing the pantomime with the Scouts, so it was just Morgan and me. We set the scope up under clear skies, but on the first day night it wasn’t...

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