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Cake Decorating Supplies 4

Bee Cupcakes

With the Annual ABKA Honey Show on Sunday, we had to make an effort to prepare our entries. We didn’t really have enough honey to enter and hadn’t made anything from wax. No candles, no combs of honey and even the cookery class that we were looking forward to was different this year. The various...

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Walnut and Caramel Chocolate Pasta 1

Chocolate Pasta Pudding

Weird I know, but whilst in London last week we bought some Chocolate Pasta from Hotel Chocolate. It’s just pasta made with cocoa in it and the woman in the shop was a little surprised when we said we were going to make a dessert with it. She had only heard of savoury recipes being...

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Green Garden Goodness 1

Green Garden Goodness

Plenty of Green Goodies coming from the garden at the moment… Served up with some minted lamb tonight which is currently filling the kitchen with a glorious smell as it roasts in the oven.  There’ll be some roasted carrots and sweet potato too just to add some colour. And I’ve knocked up a quick chocolate cheesecake too...

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Blueberry Cheesecake 1

Bilberry Cheesecake

OK, I know I called them blueberries when we picked them and blueberries when I baked them in muffins but they are in fact bilberries. They are distinct but very similar and it is usually easier to call them blueberries as people know what you talking about then, especially when cooking and eating with them,...

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