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Kathi Rolls 2

Kathi Rolls

Another nice new recipe for us thanks to This time it was courtesy of a free sample that came with my last monthly box for Kathi Rolls, also known as ‘Egg Rolls’ or ‘Frankies’. Usually when making a recipe for the first time I follow the instructions as close as possible to the letter...

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Valentines Spices 2

Looking Forward to A Spicy Valentines Day!

It looks as though Anna and I could have a Spicy Valentines day this year!! We have to admit that we don’t usually do anything for Valentines Day simply because we can’t afford presents and bought cards are a rip off. We might sometimes make each other something but that’s about all. This year however Anna...

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Spices Box 4

Singapore Noodles

We got to try out our latest pack of spices from yesterday, and once again we were impressed. What’s in the Box? The pack arrived last Friday and contained a whole host of spice sachets and recipe cards. In the little box was: A recipe kit  for Singapore Noodles, along with a sachet of sauce...

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A Funny Old Week 1

A Funny Old Week

It’s been a funny old week for me, I’ve been rushed off my feet but haven’t really got much done. This is mainly due to the fact that I’ve been trying to earn some money by invigilating exams at the University. I don’t earn a huge amount for it, but it is better than nothing...

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Evolving Curry Recipes 1

Evolving Curry Recipes

We quite like curries, nothing too hot and spicy but a nice thick saucy curry with plenty of flavour. We have always cooked them and often enjoy a curry night. I don’t remember having ever used a jar of curry sauce though as we like to cook from scratch if possible and of course our recipes...

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Chicken Passanda 2

Kitchen Gadgets Review

Well, I’ve now tried out all of the free kitchen gadgets we received the other day, included those that I’m giving away in my free kitchen gadget giveaway. So, here’s what I thought of them. 28cm Raymond Blanc Skillet This is actually really nice, unfortunately I don’t have a spare one to give away. The non-stick...

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Free kitchen Gadgets 4

Free Kitchen Gadget Giveaway

Right, time for a pre-Christmas kitchen gadget giveaway! I was given some John Lewis kitchen gadgets to review by a marketing company working on their behalf the other day (see my recent free kitchen gadget blog post). Included in the gadgets were duplicates of most of the items so I’m giving some of them away....

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Spice Box 1

Spices of the World

I had an unusual birthday present from Pat this year, a 3 month subscription to It consists of a box similar in style to the graze boxes that I receive containing a selection of spices from around the World along with some recipe ideas. They actually do a number of different packages such as...

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Show Cupboard - Much nicer that a dirty old fish tank. 6

We’re Gonna Need a Bigger…..

I had fun baking our Christmas cake over the weekend. As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, I think I’m going to make this a Cole Family tradition, we’ll have big roast dinner on Thanksgiving weekend and bake a cake ready for Christmas. It wasn’t quite a proper relaxing weekend in true holiday style but...

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