Picture in Picture of the Past in the Present

I came across a cool little idea yesterday on a website called ‘Dear Photograph‘. It’s a simple idea where you take a photograph of a photograph. The photograph comes from the past but you overlay it in the same position in the present so that you end up with a photograph of the past in the present.

That does make sense I think but it’s difficult to put into words so the best thing to do is look at the examples on the site.

As Morgan is off school and at home with me today I thought we’d use this as an excuse for a  fun photo assignment to see if we could do it. Unfortunately I didn’t really have many suitable images from the past, but I did try it at first with a simple photo of our garden.

Garden Picture in Picture

Garden Picture in Picture

The concept worked but the subject wasn’t great so we decided to make it a little different by taking a photo of Morgan sat on the garden bench. We then printed this photo and got him to stand in the garden holding the photo of himself. It’s not quite how the original concept was designed as the photo was only from a minute or so in the past, but it still looks quite good.

Here I am in the past

Here I am in the past

I’m sure we could do better, but getting Morgan to stand still and hold the photo in exactly the right place was a little difficult. It was a good school holiday project though.

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  1. Avatar forComment Author Alan says:

    I did think of printing the photo of Morgan holding the photo of himself and then doing it again, and maybe again so that the photos kept going back in time within themselves. Morgan didn’t have the patience for that though.


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