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Beehive Re-location 4

Beehive Re-location

After a morning of training on Sunday, we had to move a couple of our beehives. The out Apiary in Llandre where we had been keeping them was due to have some building work nearby and the bank that they were on needed some stabilising work carried out in order to allow access to the building...

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Receiving our Certificates 2

Beekeeping Assessment Presentation

We went to the Aberystwyth Beekeepers Association Christmas Social on Tuesday evening. Held in Waunfawr Community Hall it was an ‘American Supper’ where everyone brings along a plate or two of food, a Christmas decoration for the tables and eat, drink and chat together. There was loads of food to go around and everyone seemed to...

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Honey Cakes 4

ABKA Honey Show

We all had fun at the Honey Show the other evening, even if it was a bit of a rush to get there after work and parents evening. As usual it was a fairly relaxed affair. As well as the various bee-keeping categories within the show such as jars of honey, wax blocks, frames ready...

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Beehive ready for Winter 0

Wrapping up the Bees for Winter

With the Borth Weather Station recording 40 knots and things looking decidedly autumnal out there I thought it was time to make sure the bees were ready for winter. I’d like to feed them a little bit more really but my first concern was to make sure the hives hadn’t blown over and to strap...

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Candied Orange Slices 1

Getting Ready for the Honey Show

With the Aberystwyth Beekeeping Association’s annual Honey Show fast approaching we thought we had better get a few entries organised. The schedule for the show is: Bottle of mead. Two one pound jars of light honey. Two one pound jars of medium honey. Two one pound jars of dark honey. Two one pound jars of...

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Invertbee 0

Honey Harvest

The Honey Harvest has begun. To be honest, we haven’t got much again this year, especially compared to some other local beekeepers – a friend of ours managed to extract 300lb of honey from her hives in just one valley and left every hive with 2 full supers as she got fed up of extracting...

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Stupid Bees! 2

Stupid Bees!

No doubt I’ve called a blog post exactly that before! Why would they decide to start swarming again at this time of year? The saying goes something like this: A swarm in May is worth a load of hay; a swarm in June is worth a silver spoon; but a swarm in July is not...

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Chilli Jam 0

Homemade Chilli Jam

Mmmm, Home made chilli jam from homegrown chillies! I think Anna wants to make some green chilli jam next. I think we should do red, orange and green and make traffic light chilli jam. That would make nice Christmas presents. So those of you who get Christmas presents from us, you have been warned! Don’t...

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A Holiday Swarm 2

A Holiday Swarm

After a couple of weeks away and therefore no beekeeping we were wondering how our bees had been faring as we drove home after our holiday. We didn’t quite get home though before the beekeeping began! As we drove out of Builth Wells about an hour from home, I had a phonecall from someone down the road...

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Inspection Preparation 2

Taking the Basic Beekeeping Assessment

Our beekeeping adventures continue and we have now taken the WBKA Basic Beekeeping Assessment. There is no obligation for beekeepers to do such things but as beekeeping has always been a hobby for us rather than a money-making or even honey-making scheme, this just seemed like another aspect to the hobby. Study Groups For us,...

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