Anniversary Treats

Anniversary Treats

There hasn’t been a huge amount happening here. It was our anniversary at the end of last week but as we are still shielding from a deadly virus we didn’t have our usual day trip out! Instead we just stayed at home like we’ve been doing throughout lockdown. We did however have a nice dinner from The Spicery along with a bottle of sparkling wine.


Talking of sparkling beverages, I also ordered a Sodastream as an anniversary present to ourselves. Anna had been wanting one for a while and had hoped to get one for her birthday but I decided to get us one for our anniversary instead. Unfortunately it hasn’t arrived yet so we’ve been unable to try it out.

We have also treated ourselves to a new wood burning stove. The one we had was getting on a bit and needed replacing. We did mean to replace it last year but didn’t get around to it and ended up not being able to use it all winter. We have now bought a new one and have ‘Sion the Sweep‘ lined up to come and fit it for us. Hopefully it will keep us nice and cosy throughout the winter. Although, saying that there have been a few days recently where it might have been handy despite the fact that it is July!

New Stove

Windy Miller

The wind has been howling which has of course been good for me as I’ve been out windsurfing a fair bit. Perfect 5m conditions in the pouring rain on our anniversary. The next day I waited for the rain to stop and then the wind gradually picked up. I was out there with a bigger 5.7m sail which was perfect to start with but became a bit of handful towards the end. It did lead to some huge jumps though. Yesterday it was back out with the small board and a little 4.5m sail in solid 30-35 knot winds and sunshine. Not bad for July.

The wind hasn’t been great for the garden or the bees of course. I did manage to check in on the bees earlier last week though. All was fine and the largest colony was actually running out of room. I’ve since added an extra brood box for them below their existing brood box in an attempt to give them more room and prevent them from swarming. It probably won’t help but if it does and the colony continues to grow they could produce a fair bit of honey if the weather plays ball during July and August. With two brood boxes and two supers, the hive is beginning to look as though it means business!

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    Nice fire .when will you have it fitted?

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