Self-Isolating in the Garden

You saw my attempts at social distancing yesterday with a nice surf-ski paddle on the sea miles from anyone. Luckily we can self-isolate in the garden too. It was feeling quite Spring-like out there over the weekend.

The sun was shining, I mowed the lawn for the first time this year and there was quite a bit of life in the garden. It was still quite chilly but not too bad in the sun.

Mowed Lawn

I managed to get a few things tidied up and looking respectable but as ever there is lots to do.

The lawn needs some attention this year that’s for sure. It is mainly moss at the moment so part of our period of self-isolation here at home might involve a fair bit of raking!

I also checked in on the bees the previous week and was pleased to see that we still had a colony in each of the two hives that have been over-wintering at the bottom of the garden. I think the hardware could do with some attention and a lick of paint when we get the chance. I fed the bees with sugar syrup but hadn’t seen much life from them since due mainly to the weather.

Bee Hives at the Bottom of the Garden

This weekend however there was finally some life at the entrance of the hives as bees were venturing out for the first time this year. A sure sign that the short, cold and windy days of winter might well be almost behind us. No doubt to be replaced by slightly longer but still just as cold and windy days of summer!

Bees and the Entrance

Elsewhere in Self-isolation news, the ‘hoo-ha’ (I’ve never used that word in this blog before!) over the sudden influx of visitors to the area has died down somewhat. All the caravan parks have now closed their doors and there’s even a sign on the Golf Course Car Park telling people to go home!

Go Home!!

There are still a few tourists around but nothing like the Bank Holiday scenes we had here on Saturday. I’ve been busy updating many of my clients websites too with notices about ‘Coronavirus Closures’ and revised opening hours – All free of charge I hasten to add as that seems only fair at the moment.

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  1. Avatar forComment Author Emily says:

    Do you overwinter the bees on double brood boxes?

    • Avatar forComment Author Alan Cole says:

      Hi Emily, No, we usually try to over-winter on Brood and a Half but you’re right, the colony on the right in the photo is on a double brood box. That’s because I merged two colonies late in the year last year and then didn’t want to disturb them for a while. Next thing we knew winter had kicked in fully so I left them on the double brood boxes as that seemed the right thing to do rather than cause them too much turmoil.


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