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Here's Looking at You 1

My Kind of Day

The half-term continues and amazingly the weather continues to impress too. Further east in the country people are complaining of the cold, wet, miserable weather, but here in the west it has been gorgeous for ages now. Sunshine from 4 am until the sun sets at around 9:30pm and temperatures up into the 20’s everyday. Wind...

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Splitting a Hive

The bees at the bottom of our garden have been doing really well so far this year. They’ve been building up well and were beginning to fill their brood box so we’d been expecting to see signs of swarming. The queen in the colony is fairly old so we were planning on splitting the hive soon...

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Chives 0

Sunny Bank Holiday

I can’t quite believe it… Gorgeous sunshine on a Bank Holiday weekend. That can only mean one thing, a busy beach – busier in fact than we’ve ever seen it. Not to worry, we’ll soon have it back to ourselves. It was great weather for the Aber Cycle Fest as well. There were four Sportives...

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Tea Break 3

Garden Reconstruction

Morgan was at home ill on Monday, he wasn’t too bad but he was recovering from a nasty bout of diarrhea and sickness on Sunday, so I was housebound too. I did a fair bit of work first thing, then did an hour on the turbo trainer with some VO2max intervals courtesy of ‘Shortoff +1’ from...

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Beekeeping in May 1

Beekeeping in May

May is the month where things really take off in Beekeeping. Colonies should be building up, the queen should be busy laying eggs, brood should be developing and emerging, the honey flow starts as more and more flowers are out and regular inspections become necessary in order to keep on top of swarming. With fertile drones...

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Up a Creek 1

Delightful Dyfi

If only Summer could be like this for more than just a few days. Sunday was another gorgeous day with wall to wall sunshine for the most part. it never really got warm though only making it to 14ºC but that didn’t stop us has a lovely day around the delightful Dyfi estuary. Early Morning...

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Borth & Ynyslas Temperature Records 1

Growth in the Garden – A Purple Patch

Weather Records We had a couple of scorchers over the weekend with temperatures even at Ynyslas reaching 25°C, the hottest so far this year. Here’s the temperature records from the Borth & Ynyslas Weather Station: As you can see, we are still a long way off the all time record, but the summer is yet to...

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Morning in Ynyslas 0

Hive Inspections

It was another lovely day here on Wednesday. Perfectly sunny from the get go and very calm on my morning walk around the dunes at Ynyslas. Unfortunately a day at work was in order so there was no lazing in the sunshine for us. The temperature here reached 17.7ºC according to my Borth & Ynyslas...

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Bee Inspection 1

Sunny Days

Tuesday was the first real sunny Spring day that we’ve had for a while and temperatures just managed to touch 13ºC. I was working from home as I had arranged to stay in for a delivery. The delivery was originally scheduled for last Wednesday, but as Tuesday was the first day I could be in to sign...

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Daffodils in the garden 7

Business as Usual

It’s been quiet here recently. Nothing to blog about really. We’ve all had some sort of lurgy to one extent or another. It completely wiped me out for a few days and of course stopped me training. Anna and Morgan have had it it too, just not quite so bad. Beekeeping I’m gradually getting back...

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Hive Life

Hive Life…. Spring must be on it’s way at last, and beekeeping once again seems to be on the agenda. We were all supposed to be giving a lecture to the beekeepers beginners course last night, but I’ve been suffering with the most viscous of lurgies and despite my best efforts, there was no way...

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Anna and Morgan 0

A Walk around Ynyslas

It seems like ages since we’ve seen the sun, but it made a brief appearance here on Sunday so we went for as little walk around Ynyslas. Christmas Treats for the Bees I’d already been out for an early morning bike ride and a swim and then had come home, done loads of chores and had even...

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