Fish Tank Rebuild – Refilling

Well, after rebuilding my fish tank last week, I left it over the weekend with very little water in it so that the sealant could fully dry. Today I refilled it gradually with water so as not to stress the fish too much and so that I could keep an eye on the structural integrity of the tank itself.

All seems OK now that it’s full and only time will tell if it will hold. As you can see the bowed front and back has now gone and if anything there is a slight pinching inwards in the centre of the tank. Only a fraction of a millimetre or so but you can see it when the hood is closed.

The fish all seem fine and I took the opportunity while working on it to give the plants a good trim. It looks a little bare in there now that the plants have been cut back but it’s looking OK.

Refilled Fish Tank

Refilled Fish Tank

I cleaned the filter inlets and outlets, but didn’t touch the filter medium. I cleaned the CO2 drop checker and re-filled it with fresh solution. My CO2 cylinder was just about out of gas too so I changed that so that all is serviced and working well. As far as I can tell all inhabitants are accounted for. I haven’t seen our little snowflake plec yet but he/she is pretty elusive at the best of times. No doubt the cryptocoryne plants will melt down after such turmoil but hopefully they’ll recover eventually.

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