An Afternoon in Ironbridge

We had a day at the Commonwealth Games earlier this week. It was Anna’s idea to go see some of the action. So, when she mentioned it I suggested we do so with Steve and Biddy as they live out that way and we don’t see them often enough. A quick message and they said they’d be up for it so we started looking for tickets.

Once initial plans were made we then decided that we may as well go up a day early and stay with Steve and Biddy. We’re glad we did as the day at the Commonwealth Games turned into a long one. If there had been a 2 hour drive prior to that it would have been a very long day indeed!

So, as we were there a day early and the sun was shining we went off to do a little sight-seeing guided by Steve and Biddy. We stopped off at Coalbrookdale and had a pleasant stroll into Ironbridge, catching up as we did so. It was a lovely day and the village was busy but not too busy. The river looking inviting under the hot midday sun – at least it looked it to me, I’m not sure the others would have been quite so keen for a swim though! Instead we took a look at the bridge and then went into a cafĂ© for lunch.

We then walked back up the hill to the Ironbridge gorge Museum before heading off for a drive through the countryside, eventually stopping at Much Wenlock for an ice cream and another little stroll.

It was then back to Steve and Biddy’s house for a delicious lasagne dinner, more chatting and to get ready for a day at the Commonwealth Games on Thursday. We did of course watch some of the Games coverage from the day on TV too.

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