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With high record breaking high temperatures forecast it was time to relax! Saturday wasn’t actually looking too hot with temperatures set to reach around 23ºC. It still made sense to get out on my bike earlier rather than later. So the day started with a nice little bike ride with Steve and Paul.

I went a little harder than I wanted on one or two of the climbs, but I didn’t have anything too strenuous planned for later in the day so that was OK. The temperature was around 13ºC when we started but had risen closer to 20ºC by the end of the ride.

Pizza Oven

Back at home we didn’t really do much for most of the day. Watched athletics, checked on the garden, watched the Tour de France and just chilled really. We did have to sort out the shower when the door fell off it!

We then got the pizza oven out for an al fresco dinner in the garden. It’s a bit of a pfaff preparing the dough, rolling it out, organising toppings etc. But it’s quite good fun and it makes a change. The pizza’s themselves are nice enough and the oven cooks them well. Once it’s up to temperature it doesn’t take long though. It’s usually 30 seconds to a minute per pizza so you have to have your wits about you and the cooking is over and one with before you know it.

The temperature did indeed reach 23.2ºC here and the sunshine was used well with a full battery, the car nearly charged, the hot water topped up and lots of washing up and laundry completed!

Sunday looks set to be a little hotter. It’s already beaten yesterday’s high as it’s currently 23.3ºC as I write this at 9:15am on Sunday. The forecast is looking like it might be the hottest day of the year so far – currently that’s 27.1ºC set on July 11th.

Monday looks even hotter and could push close to the all time maximum temperature recorded here. The all time maximum is currently 33.7ºC set on 19th July 2006. I wonder if we’ll beat that tomorrow?

Temperature Extremes from Ynyslas
Temperature Extremes from Ynyslas

You can of course check out the temperature and other weather parameters on the Borth and Ynyslas Weather Station on this site, along with historical data on a day by day basis for every day back to December 2005

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  1. Avatar forComment Author Mum x says:

    Why did you go” a little harder” than you wanted to…..never known you to do something you don’t want to x
    Today is meant to be extremely hot here but even hotter in the East . My plan is to stay inside doing very little then after school go swimming in Wotton pool with Trudi, kia and children . Wish we could sit on a beach in some shade with the sea breeze,

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