Closing the Ring – Coast Path Progress

Well, seeing as I’m out of action again thanks to an ankle injury I thought it was time for a progress report on my Coast Path capers. Regular readers will know that my plan to run the entire Coast Path of Wales soon involved the Offa’s Dyke Trail as well. This meant I could close the ring and do a full circumnavigation of Wales.

It’s been a long term project with other commitments, minor injuries, holidays and other ‘life stuff’ getting in the way from time to time. Then there was a global pandemic and a heart attack that didn’t really help matters! Despite that, the ‘closing of the ring’ is getting closer. Here’s a map of my progress so far built up from all of the GPS traces I’ve recorded along the way. I’ve been going clockwise by the way.

Progress So Far
Progress So Far

As you can see, so far it has been broken down into 56 separate runs totalling 935 miles. It was only supposed to be about 1000 miles in total. However, I do tend to overlap here and there and sometimes have to extend the start and end of runs to get to convenient parking spots, bus stops etc. I therefore think it’ll be closer to 1200 miles in total. I also think that the first section between Llanrhystud and Tre Ddol may have been included twice in this image – I have done it twice so that would make sense. I should be able to filter it out to only include it once though.

There’s still quite a way to go of course and I won’t be able to do any more for a couple of months but at least but I am getting closer to closing the ring.

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