Foot Injury Updates

Yeah, you know what this means don’t you? You lucky people are going to get to see more photos of my feet! Bet you can’t wait.

Since returning home after hurting my ankle on a Coast Path run on Saturday things have improved. It didn’t actually look too bad immediately after the run, there was just a swelling on the outside of my ankle. I hoped that good old RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation) would sort it out so that’s what I did for the rest on Saturday.

Checking my Foot at A&E

However, come Sunday it was looking worse so we stopped of at A&E on the way home to get it checked out. There were no broken bones, but lots of torn ligaments. The doctors did ask how I managed to get off the coast path. When I told them I ran 6 miles after doing it I don’t think they believed me as they thought I would have had trouble moving 6 feet. To be fair I don’t think it was that bad to start with, and maybe the extra 6 miles of running didn’t actually help matters! I was told to continue with the RICE and given a brace to wear and some crutches so that I could keep the weight off it.


Foot Swelling and Bruising

I couldn’t put any weight on it on Monday or Tuesday and the swelling continued to get worse. There was also a fair bit of bruising developing around the bottom of my foot. I don’t usually get too much in the way of swelling or bruising but this is my first injury since my heart attack last year. That means it’s my first injury since being on various blood thinning and anti-clotting medications.

The medications are clearly doing what they are supposed to do. The bruising and inflammation was much worse than I’d usually expect. In some ways this was a good thing. With my ankle so swollen and the skin pulled tight I simply couldn’t move it. The swelling acted as a fairly effective support. With no movement possible it didn’t actually hurt. It didn’t hurt to touch, it wasn’t painful whilst just sat there with it elevated. So, other than the inconvenience and the lack of mobility it wasn’t actually too bad.

Foot Recovery

There was no way I could drive and I had kept the weight off it completely since Sunday thanks to the crutches. This seemed to be working but there was no way I could go into work on Wednesday. Fortunately there was plenty I could do from home so I was back to Working From Home again. Not ideal but it is giving me chance to catch up with lots of admin work that I haven’t had time to do for a while.

My foot was still swollen and somewhat deformed but it was beginning to look better. By Wednesday evening I was able to tentatively put some weight on it.

It’s now Thursday and the swelling has gone down somewhat. As the swelling reduces it is actually beginning to hurt a bit. I think the fact that I can now move it means that I’m aggravating the tendons a little which actually makes it more painful. I guess keeping it elevated and rested as much as possible is still the best thing for it. So, here’s how it looks today as I type this.

My Foot Today
My Foot Today

It is getting better and the redness has reduced considerably. Iff anything that looks more like a normal foot than it usually does. However, my foot doesn’t usually look ‘normal’, so it’s actually still quite swollen. Usually my foot is a little skeletal looking and covered with a network of veins and tendons. You can almost see some of these now but not really.

More rest is required I guess and there’s no way I’ll be out on the Coast Path for a while.

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