We had our usual fairly quiet Christmas here this year. No early morning wake up calls from Morgan to see if Santa had been. Now that he’s a grumpy teenager it was quite the opposite in fact. We finally managed to get him out of bed at around 10am. The weather reflected the grumpy teenager throughout, being mainly grey and dreary.

Santa had of course paid us a visit so after breakfast Morgan opened the presents in his stocking, then we set to unwrapping those under the tree.

Presents all round

The were plenty of goodies for everyone. Morgan’s main present was a new iPhone. He had clothes, sweets, new headphones and lots of money too.

Anna’s presents were brought to her by the colour pink this year. A pink top, pink jumper and pink jacket along with plenty of other things too. Including the usual smellies and three boxes of after eight mints! There was an upgraded mug warmer too and a nice big metal log holder for the living room.

I had a pair of swimming goggles. Not just any old goggles though. They have a heads up display built into them that show you how far you’ve swam, your pace and heart rate etc. They also come with a subscription to a service that provides training sessions that are delivered directly to the screen in the goggles! I had a acupressure relaxation mat, a cocktail maker kit and a bonsai tree seed kit. I didn’t get too many sweets and chocolate this year – people must be looking after my health!

There was also lots of presents for all of us. The usual weblog books and family calendar, hampers of treats, homemade chocolates and cheese and a metal bird ornament for the garden. Anna and I had money for a weekend away, and we all had lots of money for other treats too.

We also all had colour changing LED smart bulbs and an Amazon Echo Dot and Apple Air Tags and key rings. All part of our automated home!!

Cosmo (our cat) even had a present. A new scratching box for her to sit on and scratch to pieces. She does like them!!

Cosmo at Christmas

We were a little concerned when we opened the present below. thankfully it wasn’t an anal irrigation kit, that was just a box that had been re-used as packaging!

Concerning Packaging!

Christmas Dinner

Anna cooked dinner while I downloaded a whole host of apps needed to control the goggles, bulbs, echo dot etc etc. Everything seemed to need an app this year! I even needed to update the firmware on my goggles! It’s not the easiest thing to take a photo of but you can see the text in the headsup display as they were updating!

I did help out here and there with dinner of course. The meal was a Hello Fresh Christmas Feast that Anna added to with some extra veggies and Yorkshire puddings. All very nice and far too much food for the three of us.

The late afternoon and evening was spent playing with new presents and chilling.

Boxing Day

Boxing Day was a similarly chilled affair. Anna and I did go for a walk. The estuary sands were packed with people out for a Boxing Day walk too. Morgan went out of the house on Boxing Day too. Not only that, he popped into the sea for a quick surf. He did seem a little surprised that the sea was cold though!!

We still have a few days off with nothing much planned. No doubt there will be plenty more to eat, some strolls on the beach and a few cocktails. It might have been pretty quiet in comparison to most peoples Christmas’s but we quite like it like that.

Hope you all had a good Christmas too.

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