Let the Xmas Celebrations Begin

With only 2 weeks to go until Christmas Eve, we’ve just returned from a weekend away in Bristol and the first of our Christmas celebrations.

The weekend started when school finished on Friday and we started our drive to my parents house. It was my Mum’s 60th birthday so we were meeting up with all the family at her house for a celebratory meal. There were quite a few of us there, My Mum and Dad, Me, Anna and Morgan, Trudi, Mike, Kia and Shaun, Brad and Eloise, Jay, Megan, Harry, Charlie and Jack, only Jennie was missing as she was at work.

Turdi and Mike cooked the curries and we ate in their house. There was plenty to go around with poppadoms, rice and naan breads too. The kids all seemed to be enjoying the food and excitement as well. The curries were then followed by Nanaimo Bar that Anna had made and we’d taken along and profiteroles from Jay and Jennie. Only two puddings though as Brad and Eloise forgot to bring anything. We all sat around chatting and drinking and everyone had a good evening and felt fat by the end of it.

Morgan then came down with a bug overnight and ended up being sick a few times so the planned expedition for a walk around a forest in the morning was ditched for us. The others went and they managed to cut themselves Christmas trees but Morgan stayed with my Mum and Dad whilst Anna and I went out shopping for Christmas goodies – Lots of biscuits, nuts, drinks and nibbles etc.

Morgan had perked up a bit by the afternoon so we decided to go to the planned Christmas Carvery at Cribbs Causeway in the evening. We stopped off at the Apple Store in The Mall for a look at the new iMacs on our way to The Carvery Company and then had a very nice Christmas meal. Again, plenty of food and this time everyone including Jennie was there. The food was tasty and we all had a good time, but unfortunately despite not eating anything other than a bread roll Morgan was sick again which wasn’t much fun for him. He didn’t seem to mind too much though and at least he got to see his cousins and the Christmas lights at Cribbs Causeway.

Morgan did manage to sleep through on Saturday night and looked a lot better by Sunday although he still wasn’t quite himself. We had an easy drive home on Sunday and stopped off in Brecon for lunch and a look around some outdoor shops before getting home and putting our own Christmas decorations up.

Christmas is on its way and we’re getting in the festive mood. We have a few more Christmas meals to go to yet and still have a couple of weeks of work and school but things are beginning to feel a little Christmassy at last. Morgan is beginning to get excited, Anna and I are looking forward to some time off, some family time together and of course all of the Christmas goodies and I think we have most things pretty much ready. I even got to wear my Christmas Jumper!

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  1. Avatar forComment Author Eloise says:

    I didn’t forget pudding! Someone didn’t pass any information on about bringing pudding

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