Honey Harvest

The bees have had their usual ups and downs this years. Things started well but we then lost a couple of swarms while I was in hospital. I did manage to split a colony though and caught an errant swarm too.

We now have four colonies all of which are (we think) queen-right. The smallest of which has a new Queen that hasn’t started laying yet so we’ll keep an eye on that one.

The largest of the hives is chock full of bees and currently on a double brood box configuration. They also had a super with capped honey in so we were able to get a small honey harvest this year. Not loads of course. In fact it was about the same amount that we usually get. It was also a little darker in colour to usual. It did of course taste delicious.

Morgan has been helping with the bees since I’ve come out of hospital as I’m not allowed to do the lifting and bending. He took the honey off himself and then replaced the super later on his own too.

Harvesting our Honey
Harvesting our Honey

Anna did the extracting and bottling. So, this years honey harvest was a fairly simple affair for me!!

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  1. Avatar forComment Author Mum x says:

    Who knows ma6be Morgan will get back a little enthusiasm for other things other than gaming !

    Looks yummy x

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