Simple Life of Luxury Book 2019

One of the reason I like keeping this weblog is that I make a hardback book from it every year. I’m always a couple of years behind as the process of desktop publishing every single blog post takes a while. They all need proof reading, the images need the odd tweak here and there and the whole thing needs to be published as a document within Adobe InDesign.

From InDesign it gets converted into a PDF file. Each page of the PDF file is then exported as a jpeg image and those are inserted into an app called BookWright. BookWright allows me to create covers, upload the document and get it printed by Blurb. It sounds complicated but it’s not too bad. The actual desktop publishing portion of it within InDesign does take literally hundreds of hours though.

The end result is more than worth it. Most years it results in two volumes, both around 300-400 page in size. These are full of our antics and our photos from the year. They are fun to look back through and great keepsakes. They usually end up under the Christmas tree each year as a present.

I’ve just completed the 2019 editions and noticed that InDesign has a new ‘publish online’ feature that allows me to publish a copy of the book online and then share it here. So, here’s a sneak peek at Volume 1 of the 2019 Simple Life of Luxury Book.

You’ll just have to imagine how nice they look as full colour, quality hard back books.

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