Swimming and Socialising

Bank Holiday Monday was a gorgeous day with wall to wall sunshine and temperatures reaching 24°C. Summer was here, and the tourist had flocked here too.

I had a relaxed start to the day and then met some members of the Aberystwyth Aquanuts for a leisurely swim from Borth. We swam out to the Camels Humps and then back along the line of 8 knot buoys for a while. We then headed back to shore through the reefs. The perfect start to the day.

What’s more, Jo and Gareth came back to ours for a coffee afterwards. This was the first people we’d seen in a social capacity for over 14 months. We did of course do so in a socially distanced manner in the garden. We didn’t let them in the house! The advantage to this was that I didn’t have to spend the morning frantically cleaning everything first. Usually I would have had to mow the lawn for outdoor ‘entertaining’ but thanks to our robot lawn mowers even that was done for me. The mowers seemed to be the star attractions of the gathering as well, even trumping the chocolate hobnobs!

The rest of the day was spent avoiding the throngs of tourists and doing some work in the garden. I started the dirty, smelly job of repairing the water feature. It’ll need a new pump though so one has been ordered. I’ll finish it off once it arrives and we have another nice day.

Anna and I went for a stroll later in the day as well. We waited until most people had left the beach, but it was still quite busy over there.

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