The End of Lockdown Number 2

The End of Lockdown 2

Lockdown Number 2 in Wales came to an end on Monday. There was only one thing for it and that was to get out on the water. To be honest, other than not being able to go paddling, windsurfing swimming or do any other watersport, lockdown number 2 wasn’t that bad. OK, we weren’t able to go on holiday as planned, but that was the case before the lockdown was announced. We didn’t really miss out on much else though.

Morgan was doing online schooling. The University was still open so I was going into work. Anna was continuing to work from home as she has done since the beginning. Shops and pubs were closed. We buy pretty much everything online anyway so the shops being closed didn’t affect us. I don’t remember the last time we went to a pub so that wasn’t an issue either. As I say, apart from the restrictions on watersports we barely noticed. Lockdown number 2 was only two weeks long as well so it wasn’t that bad.

Surf-skiing after Lockdown

It was however nice to get out for a paddle on Monday morning. I was taking it fairly easy as my ribs aren’t fully healed. The conditions were perfect though, nice and calm with just a tiny little wave. Big enough to catch and play on but only just. I didn’t go far, I just weaved my way down to Borth and back. The perfect way to spend a Monday morning. Here are a few stills from my GoPro

Things are getting a little chilly now, but the water still felt fine. I did wear my summer wetsuit today though rather than shorts and a top.

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