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Today’s surf ski session was all about pushing the comfort zone. The waves in the video don’t look massive and by some standards they weren’t. However, they always look a little bigger when you are sat low in a surf ski in amongst them and with over 6m of heavy fibreglass essentially strapped to you the stakes are always raised a little.

The waves meant that I had quite a long paddle to get out the back and the once out there it was a case of picking my waves carefully so as not to get caught out by them. The fact that I was out on my own (as usual) also helped to push things right up to the edge of my comfort zone. That said, once I settled into it things went well.

I soon realised that I was catching waves quite a way out which and they were reforming in a deep channel between sandbanks which did to some extent give me a zone of non-breaking water which was something of a safety net. If I came out the worst that was likely to happen was that ski and me would get washed into this area where there would be a chance to remount. The safety net wasn’t needed though and I caught wave after wave in the drizzle. Car was needed to pick a suitable wave all the way back into the beach as well.

Here are some clips of just a few of the waves.

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  1. Avatar forComment Author Mum xx says:

    I hope you are still being sensible ? Enjoying life is great but too many risks is not ! Looked pretty grey to be out alone x xxx

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