New Sail Day

After I discovered a big tear in my 5.7m sail the other day it was time for some shopping. A new 5.7m sail was needed and at the same time I thought it was time to update a few other ageing bits of windsurf kit too.

I went for a 2019 Gun Sails Horizon. I’ve been sailing with Gun Sails since 2001 and used to get a decent discount on them but apparently these days it costs so much to send larger bits of kit in the UK that it works out just as cheap to buy them direct from Germany so that’s what I did. The postage from Germany is less than it is in the UK and of course it’s only one lot of postage buying direct, not two. Gun Sails are alway close to half the price of other brands as well which is why I use them.

There is of course a new 2020 version of the Horizon which is their ‘Power Wave’ sail but as they had a 2019 version on offer I went for that. I don’t think there is any difference between last years and this years model other than the colour and of course the price so I saved myself 80 Euros and went with the 2019 version.

The sail arrived earlier in the week as did the other bits and pieces. I’d hoped to get out to use them today but I had lots of other things to do first.

I started with some chores around the house whilst trying not to wake Anna or Morgan. Once they were awake I jumped on the turbo trainer for a bike ride which was followed immediately by a quick run around the water-logged dunes. The water was actually a lot deeper than I expected and I found myself up to my knees in it at one point.

Next up was a haircut, a shower and a shave and then some chores outside. The camper was looking pretty dirty and after washing it there were still loads of tiny little tar spots all over it. I spent ages painstakingly buffing them out but after a couple of hours had only done one side of the van and by then I’d had enough. My back was killing me too thanks to stooping over for a couple of hours. I stopped, had some lunch and then it was time to play with my new windsurfing kit. There still wasn’t quite enough wind to get out on the water with it so I had time to set things up in the garden up without rushing to get out on the water.

The new sail rigged nicely on my 430m RDM mast and my larger boom.

New Gun Sails Horizon Sail

It looks fine although I’m not too sure about the colours. I’m sure they’ll grow on me. The 2020 colours are nicer but not 80 Euros nicer! I quite like the little detailing on the clew eyes.

Clew Eye Detailing

My 85 ltr wave board – which is looking a little old and beaten up has been given a new set of footstraps so looks a little better than it did. I’ve patched up a few little cracks on it as well.

New Footstraps

My box of fins, deck plates and spares has been given a good clear out and has some new spares in it in the form of spare harness lines, spare fin bolts and spare uphaul rope. It also has a few new lengths of spare rope for downhauls, outhauls and boom attachments. The various bits of rope in extensions and booms have been replaced too. I’ve even sanded out all of the little nicks and chips from my fins.

Now I just need a nice day to get out an play with it all. I’ve even got a new pair of wetsuit boots as well. Maybe not for windsurfing as I actually prefer the really worn ones for that but I need nice warm ones for in the surf ski and will need some new ones form Scuba Diving later in the year as well. You can’t beat new toys!

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