A Good Start to the Weekend

It may have been a little chilly out there first thing, but the wind had dropped off, the rain had stopped and there were still some waves about. So, as the sun rose, it was off to the beach for me for a little paddle in my ski.

Nothing too strenuous as I’ve got a sore back but having not been out for a paddle for a while I couldn’t resist it. With the sun rising there were some good shots from my GoPro too.

Once back at home it was onto the turbo trainer for a little over and hour.

I don’t think this helped my back much either, but again, it had to be done.

Morgan was off to the Panto for the afternoon (Oh, yes he was!) so we all headed into Aberystwyth afterwards where we dropped Morgan off at the Arts Centre and Anna and I had a late lunch in Medina before doing some shopping. Morgan is out for dinner as well so I think the plan now that we are home again is to have a lazy dinner and chill at home until he’s back. Not a bad start to the weekend. I just have to decide if it’s worth driving to Colwyn Bay tomorrow for a Surf Ski race. That was always the plan, but I’m not sure if my sore back thinks it’s a good idea!

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