First Activities of the Decade

I don’t write weblog posts about all of the activities I do – you get bored if I did and I don’t have time for that anyway. But, seeing as I wrote about the last surf ski of the decade I thought I should write about starting off the next decade in the way I mean to continue as well.

New Years Day started pretty much like any other day for me. I was up at around 5am, had some breakfast and chilled in the living room for a while and then once it was light I wandered over to the beach. The only difference today was that there were empty Presecco bottles on the pebbles, presumably left over from some New Years Eve celebrations the night before. We had seen fireworks being launched from the beach so whoever set them off must have had some bubbly too. There was a tiny little bit of surf and calm waters. I picked up the Prosecco bottle rubbish and took it home. Not bad, a bit of beach cleaning and my fist good deed of the decade done already while most people were still asleep.

Surf Ski Paddle

Back at home I got into my wetsuit and then headed back to the beach with my surf ski for the first activity of the decade. I had a nice easy paddle to Borth and back, picking off a few little waves in either direction as I went.

Quite a good way to start the year.

MTB Ride

That wasn’t enough though so once back at home and showered it was time to get into some cycling kit. I then had a coffee with Anna before jumping in the van and driving up to Pendam with my MTB. Here I headed out for a chilly ride around the Pendam and Melindwr Trails. Other people were up and about now and there were quite a few big groups of people out riding and lots of family groups too. It was actually quite busy on the trails.

That was it for the day really. We may have gone for a stroll to the beach I think.

Sunset at Ynyslas

Otherwise, the evening was spent chilling and eating. Lets hope there’s plenty more of such activities in 2020 and throughout the rest of the decade for that matter. Although, I don’t want to think about that as I’ll be quite old by the end of the decade so who knows what I’ll be up to by then.

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