Cracking Waves at Ynyslas

We had a fairly rare (for this time of year) calm day here at Ynyslas on Monday. Well, calm for here anyway with winds in the 10-20 knot range but they were blowing offshore and there was a lovely swell to go with it.

A nice 3 foot swell peeling nicely off the sandbanks at Ynyslas so I had to get out there to catch some waves on my surf ski. It was a bit of a task getting out through the whitewater but once out the back I was able to pick off wave after wave for some nice fast and fairly mellow rides. I generally pulled out of the wave before it broke so as to avoid the paddle out through the whitewater again. I did get caught out once or twice of course and took a few waves on the head at one point.

Larry was out on his SUP but with just the two of us out there was plenty of room.

It wasn’t until I got back home that I noticed the damage to my ski. It’s cracked quite badly on the stern. (See the clip at the end of the video above). The cracks don’t quite go all the way around but they are getting there and the seam is compromised too. I’m not sure if it’s repairable but it’s certainly not water-tight at the moment. Time for a new surf ski I guess – does anyone know the winning lottery numbers for the weekend?

Once showered I popped into Borth to collect Morgan and then we both got into our wetsuits and headed back over to the beach for a surf. The surf was still pretty good so we surfed until it got dark. A pretty good day and some ‘cracking’ waves, just a shame about my ski as I really can’t afford a new one.

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