The Four L’s of Exploring Western Scotland

When compiling words to describe Scotland as a nation, dramatic may come high up on the list, alongside others like striking, impressive, and awe-inspiring. There are so many different reasons to drop by a Glasgow hotel and/or spa, island hop in the Outer Hebrides, it seems unfair to box it in or otherwise categorise. Yet for the sake of properly sharing just how amazing this place can be, when experienced through the right lens, enjoy these four L’s of this land and its lovely localities.


Scotland’s natural drama is perhaps best expressed in its landscape. A rugged and windswept collection of crags, cliffs, mountains, mounds, and many more besides. Carrying a camera with you whilst walking along a carefully chosen path in Clydeside or Sterling becomes a much slower task than you might naturally think. There are just so many different things to photograph, of both natural and industrial origin alike. Structures like the Clyde arc and the Finnieston Crane display Glasgow’s proud history of manufacture, design, and technology, and a visit to the Galloway Forest Park shows just how wonderous the night sky can be.

Glasgow Bridge

Perhaps the most wonderous sight to find in Scotland’s further flung western regions is the little slice of heaven that is Luskentyre Sands in the Outer Hebrides. Beaches so pristine, white, and pure you could have sworn you fell through a wormhole and ended up in the Caribbean.

Outer Hebrides

For more information on all these, and more besides, visit the following page –


Scotland is famous for many things the world over. The perplexing national dish that is Haggis. The curious national dress that is the kilt. The fascinating familial ancestry to be found in tartan. Yet possibly its single most widely enjoyed export is the traditional tipple that is Whiskey. With a rich and unique history that communicates itself in its own strange language that references thieving angels and drinks apparently measured by percussion instruments, Whisky is so much more than just a drink. Which is why the distilleries of Scotland are such a popular place to spend time exploring and understanding everything science of crafting the perfect bends to the histories of the families that made mighty empires out of an unassuming liquid. For more information about Scotland’s spirited history, visit the Clydeside Distillery –


With all the walking, exploring, followed by the downing of drams, you will very likely want somewhere refreshing and relaxing to lay your head. Scotland is more than capable of providing in that regard. Though you might first off think of hotels and spas, Scotland knows some of its greatest strengths are to be found in the great outdoors which is why “glamping” or glamour camping has become a popular way to see sights ranging from Loch Long to the Firth of Clyde. The outdoors are within easy arm’s reach of a comfortable mattress. Of course if you do want to plant yourself firmly within four walls, cities like Glasgow is more than happy to help. Gleddoch Hotel and Spa is a great example of what Glasgow has to offer from an accommodation perspective –


With Glasgow having been the second city of the British Isle at the height of Victorian Imperialism, and so much in the way of industry, maritime history, and political upheaval calling Glasgow its home, there is so much to learn for those who want to look deeper into the wider world around them. One of the best places to really get to grips with that is Glasgow’s Riverside Museum. With exhibits covering everything from paintings to prams, sports cars to skateboards, and horses and carts to high-sailed cargo ships, this fascinating exercise in history has something to intrigue and inspire everyone. To learn more, see here –

For a country of only five and half million people, Scotland contains a great deal of dramatic landscapes, delicious libations, decadent luxuries, and deep learning, even if you’re only in the western half.

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