First One Way then the Other

I’m only doing short training sessions at the moment. Just trying to squeeze things in with everything else that is going on but at least I managed to get out between the showers today.

First one way, then the other

First I started with a run from our house out onto the beach and then down into Borth and back. Nothing too long, just 25 minutes with 5 fast 30 second efforts. Well, I say fast but what I really mean is hard efforts as the speed wasn’t great. It’s all relative I guess but the hard efforts were at around 5:20-5:40 mins/mile pace, with the final one at 5:03 mins/mile pace. Fairly fast I guess, but there was a time when I could maintain the 5:40mins/mile pace for at least 5km.

Next I headed out into a blustery estuary on my surf ski and then up and down the River Leri. Again, it was only a short 45 minute paddle but this time at a decent effort. As with the run though a decent effort on my surf ski doesn’t necessarily equate to fast. I averaged 6mph which is pretty good for me, but not great in the grand scheme of things. At least I’m getting faster at this though rather than slower as I’ve never been any good at it so there’s lots to learn. Hopefully I’ll have chance to work on some technique over the winter though.

The GPS tracks almost mirrored each other.

One way then the other

One way then the other

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  1. Avatar forComment Author Mum says:

    You’ll be working , or should I say playing harder than that at the week end though !x
    Will the weather interfere with any of the disciplines if its too bad or is it in a sheltered part of water ?

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