Spider Crabs

Whilst on an open water swim session on Monday here at Ynyslas the water was clearer than usual so I was actually able to see the seabed. I was also able to see lots of large Spider Crabs roaming around out there. The larger ones seemed to be wandering around on the sand on their own in about 4 foot of water. Every now and then though there would be a little collection of around 6-10 slightly smaller crabs all huddled up together and doing nothing.

It seemed a shame to leave quite so much free food just lying about on the seabed, but I had nothing to collect them with and wasn’t sure if Anna would appreciate a few fresh and still live crabs to deal with!

I decided to go back out to look for some today though and went better armed with a bag to put them in. Unfortunately it was a little murkier out there today thanks to a slight swell so I wasn’t able to see so well. I did spot one little ‘huddle’ of 3 small crabs and found a couple of small solitary spider crabs wandering around as well, but they¬†didn’t quite seem big enough to bother with today… Oh well, no crab dinner for us tonight.


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