New Surf Ski

New Surf Ski

I collected my new Surf Ski today whilst dropping Anna off at the airport in Birmingham.

I’m pleased to say that it matches the camper nicely! Although I’m sure it will look a little battered and less new fairly soon.

Camper with Matching Surf Ski

Camper with Matching Surf Ski

I played around with the new roof rack attachments from Whispbar when we got home as well and it’s now nice and easy to get onto and off the roof-rack on my own even though I can only just reach the roof of the camper. The combination of Thule Slide Bars and the Whispbar Kayak Loaders works well. I can pull the slide bars out and then use the rollers on the Whispbar to roll / slide the ski onto the roof single-handed. I might need to move the roof-bars a little further apart though just to make it a bit more stable in side-winds.

Out on the Water with my new Surf Ski

With that sorted I then took it out for a test paddle in the waves. All I can say is I shall need some more practise. Re-mounting was more difficult than I expected and I don’t think my sore chest helped. I managed to paddle out through the waves OK and then fell off out the back and spent the next 10 minutes climbing on one side and falling off the other. I managed to that successfully in both directions! I did manage to get back on in the end but it wasn’t the most graceful of moves.

The fact that I needed to re-mount a number of times probably means that it’s a fair bit less stable than my old surf ski too! It seems to go quite nicely when I’m on it though and it was fairly easy to carry across to the beach too. My chest is killing me now though so I’ll have to wait for that to heal up before I can get to grips with it properly.

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  1. Avatar forComment Author Mum says:

    Silly billy to even try !
    Hope it proves to be what you want though xx

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