Canoe and Kayak Storage

With the imminent collection of a new surf ski, I realised that the trestles I’d built to store our canoe and my old surf ski on weren’t going to be sufficient. Time to get my tools out and build some new canoe and kayak storage.

Canoe and Kayak Storage

I was a little hindered by the off-cuts of wood that I had available but I’ve now built a three-tier canoe and kayak storage frame. I did have to ‘steal’ a piece of wood from the front fence as well but I don’t think anyone will notice!

I’m hoping that my old ski will fit on the bottom, the new ski will fit in the middle and the canoe goes on top. I know that doesn’t seem to leave much room for expansion but I’m fairly sure that it is actually just about wide enough to squeeze two surf ski’s or kayaks side my side on each level. Plenty of room for new additions!

I haven’t tested it properly yet as my chest is still very sore (especially after building this) so I couldn’t get my old surf ski off the roof of the van. I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to put it onto the new racking.

The canoe and kayak storage racking may need a little adjusting to make the best use of the space but there’s definitely more storage than there was before. I’ve even added some rollers made out of bits of soil pipe on the middle tier to help slide things in and out. The beams that they are on are round posts so they should rotate on them and help roll kayaks and surf skis onto the frame.



[UPDATE] A little more time spent on it this morning and it now has some nice padding on the rollers courtesy of some carpet offcuts and half of an old swimming noodle. I’ve also put the old ski on the middle tier and it looks as though there should just about be enough room for two surf ski’s side by side – assuming that my new one isn’t significantly wider than the old one. I think if anything it should be narrower. That means that there will be plenty of room for future purchases!


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  1. Mum says:

    Getting more like your Dad every day x
    Hope it all works our when your new baby arrives!

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