Lovely Ride in the Hills

Not too shabby a day for a ride in the hills.

I thought that I was going to miss out as I was charged with waiting in for a delivery for Anna that was due today. It had been planned for today as that was the day I could be at home. Anna checked yesterday to make sure it was actually coming so that I wouldn’t be waiting in vain. Apparently it was. We were also tracking the parcel online. As of lunchtime it had made it to the local delivery hub but didn’t seem to actually be out for delivery.

With such nice weather I was going to be annoyed if I waited in all day only for the parcel not to show up. Anna therefore phoned them again and they confirmed that despite their promises yesterday it wasn’t coming today after all. It was coming tomorrow instead. That was no good to us as there would be no one here but Anna managed to convince them to deliver it to her at work.

The saving grace of all of this was that I was freed up for a couple of hours so could make the most of the afternoon sunshine. A little ride in the hills on my CX bike was called for. My legs weren’t really feeling it though so it was nothing difficult just a nice little spin in the sunshine.

Bike Ride in the Hills

Bike Ride in the Hills

And guess what? When I got back the parcel that definitely wasn’t coming today, definitely needed to be signed for and that was definitely being delivered to Anna’s office tomorrow was there waiting outside the front door. Wrong Day, wrong place and not signed for. What is it with these delivery companies, they don’t seem to know what they are doing!!!

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  1. Mum says:

    Oh well , alls well that ends well. At least you had a nice cycle and Anna has her parcel.
    What’s get me though with these delivery companies is they don’t care, if they had to refund money and pay compensation to their customers, I bet it would be a different story then .

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