Winter Speed Windsurf Session

Sorry for the lack of updates here lately but it’s just been the usual run of the mill stuff lately. Training, working, and running around as usual. We did spend a day at the weekend driving to Swansea and back to look at a van, but we didn’t like what we saw so didn’t buy it. Other than that it’s just been business as usual really.

I did get out today to make the most of the crazy offshore winds though. The Borth & Ynyslas weather station had been hitting gusts of 55 knots overnight and hadn’t calmed down during the day with gusts still in the 50-55 knot range.

Weather Station Readings

Weather Station Readings

I took a look at the estuary at high tide. It was a mess of white-water with mad chop everywhere. I decided therefore to wait for low tide and risk on offshore session on the seafront. The wind was still howling in the afternoon so I headed over to the beach with my 5.2m speed sail and an 80ltr slalom board.

I was soon on the water and hitting some scary speeds over the short chop.

I was a little reluctant to stay too close to the shore as that would risk running aground. Doing so at over 30 knots wouldn’t do me or my kit any good. However, I was also reluctant to go out too far. Not only was it pretty choppy out there but the beach was deserted, I was the only one on the water and it just didn’t feel that safe in such strong offshore winds. Better to stay fairly close to shore where I could at least swim home if needs be.

All good fun though and not even cold despite the 6ºC February air temperatures. I checked the weather station when I got back and the wind had peaked at 53.2 knots while I was out there – Pretty hefty stuff!

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