A Mellow Day at Ynyslas

Saturday was fairly grey and dreary this weekend. That didn’t stop me from getting out on the water for a mellow day at Ynyslas though.

SUP Surfing on a Mellow Day at Ynyslas

First up was a mellow little SUP surf off the seafront. The waves were only small and gutless but there was enough to play on. You never quite know when the next surf will arrive in these parts so it’s always worth making the most of any waves that are around. That’s exactly what I did and ended up having and easy, mellow little surf session

Surf Skiing in the Dovey Estuary

Next up was chance to get out on my Gaisford Surf Ski again. I’ve been restoring it a little over the past few weeks and had a new hatch cover for it today. I’d also sorted out the roof rack on my car so getting it to the estuary gave me a chance to try that out. The Thule Slide Bars work really well and certainly make loading and unloading it a lot easier.

Once on the water it was glorious. Super Calm waters meant that the surf ski was gliding along with virtually no effort. I still had my winter wetsuit on and a hooded vest so I was soon too hot. I spent much of the time dragging my hands in the water to try to cool down a little.

I followed the coastline around to the point and then struck out across the channel to Aberdovey. The tide was flooding to there was quite a bit of current to contend with. Once at Aberdovey I headed inland a little following the shore. This was going with the tide so I was flying along. I didn’t go too far like this aa I would have to fight back against it at some point so I soon turned right once again and headed out across the estuary heading towards the Aberleri Boat Yard. Here I paddled up under the bridges on the River Leri before turning around and heading back to the car. I spent an hour on the water and covered 4.5 miles which I think is fairly good going.

What a mellow day at Ynyslas. If only the sun had been shining!

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  1. Avatar forComment Author Dave says:

    It was nice to see you out there al. We enjoyed our row. It was so calm…

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