Giant Stollen Baking for Christmas

I had quite a bit of marzipan left over after baking and decorating our Christmas cake this year. That’s nothing unusual as I did have more than 1kg of the delicious yellow almond paste and with only one cake to cover this year I didn’t use it all. The leftover marzipan would usually sit there, gradually diminishing. Chunks would be popped into my mouth every time I go into the cupboard until there was nothing left. I decided therefore to bake a giant stollen this year just to use up the marzipan.

I used a Paul Hollywood recipe and set to baking yesterday. The recipe calls for leaving the dough to rise twice during the process and each time it should double in size. The dough was packed full with fruit and nuts so I wasn’t convinced that it was going to rise. Sure enough after leaving the dough for first 1.5 hrs and then another hour it hadn’t risen. Undeterred I carried on with the bake anyway and popped it in the oven last night.

Giant Stollen

In a way, I was quite glad that the stollen hadn’t doubled in size during the proving. It was already pretty big and only just fit on the baking tray. This had all the makings of a giant stollen.

Soon the house was full of the delicious smell of baked stollen. When the giant stollen came out of the oven to cool, the lovely aromas only intensified.

Baked Stollen

Baked Stollen

I couldn’t wait for it to cool completely before diving in for a taste and to check the bake. The giant stollen had been baked to perfection and tasted delicious. I think I’ll have to slice some of it up and pop it in the freezer as I don’t want to eat all of that on my own over the course of the next few days – Well, that’s a lie, I do WANT to, I just know that I shouldn’t.

Hopefully Morgan will help me though as he seems quite pleased with the look and smell of it too.

Giant Stollen

Giant Stollen

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  1. Avatar forComment Author Emily says:

    Spectacular stollen success

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