Nant yr Arian MTB Ride

As my Cyclo-cross race this weekend was on Saturday, I was able to join a few friends on a mountain-bike ride at Nant yr Arian on Sunday. It had been years since I’d seen a couple of these people, and months since I’d seen the others so it was a nice little reunion of old biking friends.

MTB Nant-yr-Arian

MTB Nant-yr-Arian

There was a cold wind blowing though and although the ride was a fairly relaxed, social affair there wasn’t too much stopping and chatting and most people just wanted to keep moving to stay warm. We did have to stop for Tom to fix a flat and of course we regrouped and the top and bottom of any hills. Other than that it was a pleasant little ride around the Summit Trail.

After the ride we headed to the Visitor Centre for hot chocolates and cakes and then headed off on our own ways.



I’d parked at Pendam so rode the couple of miles back to there where I got changed into my running kit and headed out for an hour of trail running too.

Once again, back at home I was welcomed by a nice log fire and we chilled for the afternoon watching TV and eating an Indian Takeaway – mind you, the curries were no where near as tasty as the ones I cook.

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