Making Skittle Rainbows

It’s Half Term here so Morgan and I spent most of the day walking into Borth and making Skittle Rainbows. We took a bit of a detour on the way into Borth battling the Pokémon Gyms on the way – We ended up getting ourselves into all 6 gyms in Borth and Ynyslas which was something of an achievement! We also had a sneaky peak at the leopard as we passed by the Animalarium. Hot chocolates were consumed in Boulders Café, complete with cream and marshmallows to energise us for the walk back. That wasn’t quite enough so we had scotch eggs, fruit and a chelsea bun between us too. We also bought a packet of skittles ready to make a Skittle Rainbow.

Back at home and I headed out for a run. Well, actually I drove back into Borth and ran from there so that I could do some hill reps. This was all followed by some fun making rainbows with skittles!

Pretty cool hey. Simply arrange the skittles around the edge of a plate and then add some hot water. Tadaaaa – Skittle Rainbows! I’m not really sure what we are supposed to do with it now though.

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  1. Mum says:

    I’m not sure if your exercise managed to use up all those calories! However at least you both used up some , probably more than most ,and enjoyed your day together. Xx
    Skittles look cool, surely you can eat them now

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