Delightful Dyfi

If only Summer could be like this for more than just a few days. Sunday was another gorgeous day with wall to wall sunshine for the most part. it never really got warm though only making it to 14ºC but that didn’t stop us has a lovely day around the delightful Dyfi estuary.

Early Morning Bike Ride

I was up at 4am, so got some work on a website done before heading out for an early morning bike ride. True the the ‘Delightful Dyfi’ title of this post I went around the Dyfi estuary, first heading inland from Ynyslas to Machynlleth where I crossed the river and headed back to the sea at Aberdovey. It was pretty cold mind you at 3ºC when I set off so I was wearing winter kit on my top half. I only had shorts on though and forgot to put any overshoes on so my feet were soon feeling like blocks of ice.

I was only taking it easy too as my legs were tired after my 30 mile run/walk along the coast path the day before. I even stopped off at Picnic Island for a flapjack and to take a few photos of the Dyfi Estuary.

I could see our house just a couple of miles away from this vantage point, but to get there I had a 25 mile journey back around the Dyfi Estuary. At least it was warming up a little by now, but it was still only about 6ºC.

I was back home before 9am for a shower to warm up and a second breakfast. Closely followed by a third breakfast as I was feeling hungry.

Mayors Parade

Anna meanwhile was off to Aberystwyth to play with the Aberystwyth Silver Band in the Mayor’s Parade.

Mayor's parade

Mayor’s parade

Beach Walk

I meanwhile went for a nice little walk along the beach where there were some sailing boats moored on the sands.

I did try to get Morgan to come with me but he didn’t want to. We’ve even bought him a Mi Band the same as Anna’s to track his steps. The idea was that we were going to connect it to Bounts so that he could earn points and eventually vouchers and take part in their challenges, but so far we’ve been unable to get it to sync to Bounts because he doesn’t have a device that will run the Apple Health App. Anns is still working on it so she might post a technologically related post here about the problems we’ve had. Anna’s Mi Band works perfectly with Apple Health on her iPhone, but we didn’t realise that Apple Health isn’t available for an iPad.

Canoeing the Delightful Dyfi

Anna was back in time for lunch and the first part of the afternoon was spent with me working in the garden where I found a mouse on the compost bins and Anna having a snooze.

Mouse on the Compost Bin

Mouse on the Compost Bin

We then popped the canoe on the car and headed down to the estuary for a little paddle. Once again Morgan didn’t want to join us, but he missed out on a lovely little paddle.

First we explored a little creek in the coastal mud flats. It was full of little fish and crabs which we could see swimming and scurrying off through the crystal clear water.

Then we headed off up the River Leri, under the road bridge and the railway bridge, passing people on their boats, people simply sunbathing and people fishing on the banks of the river. All of this was carried out at a nice leisurely pace and our canoe was performing well.

Burgers and Beekeeping

After that it was burgers for dinner with fresh salads and then I headed off to do some beekeeping. I was collecting a Nuc of bees and taking them to our our apiary where I was transferring them to a newly built hive. All went well except for the fact that the nucleus didn’t seem to have a queen present and in her place were numerous queen cells. The person we bought the nuc from was informed and he gave us our money back but plans were made to check on them the following day to see what they were up to and what could be done with them. I have a feeling that there isn’t a lot we can do other than see if they can re-queen.


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