Cracked Starboard SUP

Just a quick update about my cracked starboard SUP. I spoke directly to customer services yesterday, rather than through the retailer. As is always the case when on the phone they were helpful and polite but of course unwilling to commit to anything. I explained the mystery behind the whole thing and they decided that it was “impossible for a crack like that to just appear while the board was stored in the shed”. I agreed with them on that, but the fact remains that impossible or not, that is what has happened.

They were unsure of exactly what the construction should look like, but asked me to send photos of the ‘thin, single layer of glass’ so that they could send the photos off to Starboard for investigation. We may not be able to get to the bottom of the mystery of how the damage occurred – it certainly hasn’t been anything I’ve done to it whilst using it, so I can only assume that it was there when I bought the board, or the construction is VERY weak indeed. Hopefully though Starboard will be able to see that the board only has one thin layer of glass where it has cracked, rather than the “Multiple layers of high grade fiberglass wetted out in epoxy resin” as described in the board specs and their advertising material.

Here are the photos I’ve sent them of the layer of glass, and also the bottom of the board which doesn’t have a mark on it.

Cracked Starboard SUP

They did also ask on the phone how it has been stored so I sent them a photo of my custom built racking for it. In fact the whole shed was custom built just for my new Starboard SUP! I can’t imagine a safer, better place to store it.

Bunkbeds for boards

Bunkbeds for boards

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  1. Mum says:

    If they get funny about it you could send them a link to your blog where they could read all about both the shed building and the trips out on the board no doubt complete with videos of everything, all dated and blogged about at the time!
    One would think that any reputable company would replace the board under their guarantee

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