Valentines Treats

We don’t usually do much for Valentines Day as it’s all a bit of a money-grabbing exercise really. This year, just for a change, I decided to be a little more romantic than usual and so stopped off in the shops on my way home from my Coast Path Run on Saturday morning and went the whole hog. I bought Anna flowers, chocolates and a bottle of sparkling wine and then in the afternoon we cooked up a yummy meal using our latest spice box from – it was even a ‘Date Night’ box.

There was a spicy blackened chicken starter in a buttery sauce with a fresh corn salad and freshly baked cornbread. The main course was a huge prawn and chorizo  jambalaya with a super-firey hot sauce. Pudding was a delicious pecan brittle ice-cream, all washed down with the sparkling wine I’d bought for Anna.

How’s that for romance and a nice little surprise. I think it makes it nicer if it’s not expected. I have to say that the meal itself wasn’t that romantic really as things were arranged around Morgan’s marble run and we were sharing the table with a monkey-onesie-wearing 10 year old boy!!!

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  1. Avatar forComment Author Mum says:

    Sounds lovely including the monkey onsie wearing 10 year old …make the most of it, as before you know it, he’ll be 45 🙂

  2. Avatar forComment Author Emily Scott says:

    Sounds very nice and I’m sure Anna appreciated it!

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