Laser tag Party

As Morgan’s birthday fell on a school day this year, we had his party at the weekend. He had decided he wanted to do laser tag in the woods so we were all booked up for 2pm on Saturday. Everything was planned and Morgan and 10 friends would meet in the woods ready to run around shooting each other with laser guns!

Off into the woods

Off into the woods

When we got home from the Eisteddfod late on Friday evening though there was an answer-phone message from Shoreline saying that they had decided to move the venue from their usual location in the hills above Penrhyncoch to Pwll Crwn woods. Luckily Anna and I know these woods well as we often take the Scouts den-building there, but it did mean that we had to frantically phone, email and message all of Morgan’s friends so that they knew about the new arrangements. By Saturday morning though we had confirmation from them all that they had our messages so everyone would be coming to the correct location.

Morgan had invited two of his cousins, Charlie and Jack, up for the party as well, so my brother Jay was arriving with them. Saturday morning was a little hectic therefore, first with a hard 90 minutes on the turbo trainer for me and then various chores and cleaning to get the house ready for them to stay over for the night and lots of preparations for the party. The tarmac men arrived whilst we were doing this as well, they didn’t start laying tarmac though, just paced around a bit, presumably checking that everything was ready to go for them.

Jay, Charlie and Jack arrived on time and after a few hello’s and some final packing we were off to Pwll Crwn woods where we met the man from Shoreline.

Laser tag Party

We had a little chat with him whilst we waited (we were of course early) and his son headed off with the boys to let them have a little practise with the guns. It wasn’t long before everyone was there though and we all went deeper into the woods where we found the laser tag guns ready to go. after a very quick briefing, three teams of four were formed. ‘The Volts’, ‘The Bobbies’ and the Funky Monkeys’. The girls (Funky Monkeys)  wanted to stick together though and as there was only 3 girls and 8 boys they needed an extra team member and decided that they wanted to be ‘girl power’ all the way so chose Anna to join them.

Everything was well organised and each laser tag battle was about 8 minutes long, so everyone got lots of goes. They all soon got the hang of it and were running around, hiding, devising various tactics and shooting at each other through the trees. They get unlimited ‘ammo’ so they could shoot as much as they liked, and when they get shot by someone else, the sensors on their headgear lit up briefly , made a sound to let them know they’d been shot and prevented anyone else from shooting them for a few seconds to give them time to re-hide or run away. After about 5 lives their sensor lit up fully and they are dead and out of the game.

It worked really well with everyone getting a good go at it. Anna seemed to be loving it as well and was soon picking off the boys and doing the girls proud! In fact, the girls won the entire things by miles which they intend to never let the boys forget about.

With a couple of battles remaining, I left them to it and headed back to the car to start preparing the ‘party dinner’ We had frankfurters that needed heating up for the hotdogs, rolls to prepare, cheese, crisps, biscuits, carrot sticks, grapes and pineapple along with a selection of drinks.

After the laser tag battles and the results, they all headed over to me for their slightly unusual party dinner. They were all a little tired out, all a little muddier than when they arrived and most were a little wetter too having waded through the river during their battles. They all seemed to have had fun though and there weren’t too many cuts and bruises, just the odd bit of blood from the brambles as most of the boys insist on wearing shorts all the time. No one seemed to mind the slightly unorthodox party food, we were in the middle of a woodland after all so did pretty well really. The cakes then came out and strangely one of them was a Funky Monkey cake.

Woodland Party Dinner

Woodland Party Dinner

We starting packing up and the children started to disperse. I then got changed ready for the 10 mile run home whilst Anna and Jay finished off clearing up and took the remaining children home. I think it was quite a success, and Morgan still had Charlie and Jack to play with when he got home as they were staying over for the night.

Another year, and Morgan continues to get older – I don’t know how it goes so fast, but it was good to see that they all still enjoyed running around in the woods get wet and muddy.


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  1. Mum says:

    Glad you all had fun, I would have expected nothing less of funky monkeys …..Girl power reigns xx

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