Beauty & the Beast Panto in Aberystwyth

We had another fun night at the Panto in Aberystwyth last night. In fact, it was a busy day all round, but it was finished off with a trip to the Panto which is always fun. This year we went as part of a group with the Aberystwyth Silver band along with Annamarie and Kim. Annamarie works with Anna and Kim used to work with Annamarie.

We weren’t really sure if Annamarie knew what to expect as she’d never been to the panto before and kept mentioning other shows that she’d been to as comparison. We were a little worried that she was expecting a ‘serious’ show and not the silliness associated with the Panto. Mind you we know her well enough to know that the silliness of a panto would be right up her street!

Panto in Aberystwyth

Panto in Aberystwyth

Panto in Aberystwyth

The Panto in Aberystwyth has become something of an annual institution. It is put on by the Wardens Theatrical Group and follows a fairly similar format each year. It’s a format that works though so they may as well stick with it. The jokes may be similar, the performances may be same, but there’s always something new and it is loved by kids and adults too. The costumes were as outlandish as ever and there were the usual references to local places, businesses and of course Aberystwyth Town Footbal Club.

We all enjoyed it, had a good laugh and went away smiling. As always, if you’ve never been then we highly recommend it. Just go prepared for some harmless silliness and you’ll love it.

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