Aquarium Progress

I worked out over the weekend that the plants I have ordered for the fish tank won’t arrive until later this week, so impatient as ever Morgan and I wanted to put something in the tank. I’d normally leave a new tank for a couple of weeks to settle in and get the filter primed, but as the gravel and filter have been in the tank for years with a little bit of water in I reckoned it would be OK so we popped into Pets at Home in Aberystwyth at the weekend to see what they had.

We came away with a few little plants, 3 Cherry Barbs and 2 peppered Corydoras. We then set to giving the tank a bit of a vacuum and a water change before putting the plants and fish in. It’s still looking a little bare in there but its a start. It’s going to take a while for things to settle down and the water to clear properly but once we get a whole load of plants in there it will start looking good.

I also made up a home made CO2 production unit with some yeast and got that going and by the next day it was bubbling CO2 into the tank perfectly.

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