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Things are looking OK in my new aquascape. As mentioned last time I seem to be beating the algae which was a bit of an issue for a while. The Endler’s Livebearers seem quite happy in there, as do the shrimps. Although quite how people take photos of their fish I’ll never know.

I’ve also added a few more plants this week. A new Anubius nana bonsai, some Lobelia cardinalis and a few stems of Rotala rotundifolia. I think it is looking fairly well balanced now.

The close up shots show that the algae has gone and the plants are looking much more healthy now.

I think what is needed now is some patience to allow the Eleocharis to fill in a bit and cover some of the gravel. It is definitely growing and spreading though as there are new shoots popping up in between pebbles where I could never have planted any. The right hand side of the tank is looking quite nice with the Anubius peeping out from behind the big rock, the stem plants obscuring the filter box to some extent and the Staurogyne repens growing well. The orange hoops are weights to hold the moss on top of the rock down for now, but I shall remove them soon, or maybe rethink the method of securing the moss. I should be able to hide the weights easy enough.

Right hand side with Anubius and Rotalla

Right hand side with Anubius and Rotalla

I’m now in two minds as to whether to keep the left hand side fairly free and open to create a sense of space or add more plants and height on this side simply because I can’t resist more plants! Although, keeping it open does allow this view from a different angle.

View from a Different angle

View from a Different angle

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  1. mum says:

    I think it looks lovely as it is, then you will be able to see/ photograph the fish, also the plants you already have will obviously continue to grow and spread x

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