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Kayak Fishing Rod

Kayak Fishing Rod

After our success with fishing last week, I decided that it was time to get kitted up properly. I had after all been using Morgan’s rod and reel which was a cheap set bought from the market. Perfectly serviceable but we were sharing. I do have some other bits and pieces as well so it was possible for us both to fish at the same time, but maybe not from the SUP.

I’d been told about some short kayak rods though and thought I’d take a look at them so I did some research online and then popped into GB Fishing in Aberystwyth after work yesterday to see what I could buy. The guy in this shop is always really helpful to beginners and is always willing to explain things to you and seems to give good advice. It didn’t take long before he’d showed us a kayak rod, let us have a little play with it and I decided that it would be just what I needed. At only 4’3″ long it should be easy enough to transport on my SUP, should still be OK for fishing off the rocks and feels really easy and precise to handle. I decided to get a new reel as well so that both Morgan and I had something not only suitable for sea fishing but easy to use as well. Whilst there we bought some lures for bass, some mackerel feathers and a couple of weights too.

Hopefully now we are all kitted up and ready to go. Shame we’re coming to the end of bass season really.

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  1. mum says:

    Maybe dad will come out with you when we come up… far away is the hospital lol

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