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Yet another year that we have managed to miss the Aberystwyth Cycle Fest. It’s been taking place for 5 years now and not once have we had anything to do with it as we have always been away. This year was no exception as we were away for my Dad’s 65th birthday party. We did however manage to attend the kids races on Firday afternoon as Morgan was racing in one of them. Anna and I took the afternoon off work, collected him from school and took him down to the seafront where he lined up with the rest of the year 5 children for a race around the town.

The course was two laps of the course that the pros would be using later that night and Morgan was keen to get on with it. He hadn;t been on his bike for several months mind you so was just looking forward to a ride around the town with his friends rather than a race. It was pretty much a foregone conclusion who was going to win anyway. True to form, Xavier took the lead from the start and was mile ahead by the end of the first lap and then went on to open up a huge gap on the second lap. Morgan did OK, coming in in around 11th place apparently, just behind his friends Josh and James. He seemed to enjoy it, as did all the children taking part. We couldn’t hang around though as we had to head off to the South West for a family gathering. It was nice to finally see some of the Cycle Fest though.

3 Responses

  1. mum says:

    Well done Morgan x

  2. Alan says:

    We now just have to encourage him to get out on his bike at least a few times before next years Cycle Fest!

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