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I think I must have unusually robust ears as I seem to get through earphones for my iPod in no time at all. I’m forever replacing them so have recently resorted to buying cheap ones from the £1 shop as then it doesn’t matter if I break them.

It was quite nice the other day then to be asked by Three Mobile if I’d like to try some KS earphones out – Of course I would as it was the perfect opportunity to try something a little more expensive. They are KS Enduro Water Resistant Sports Earhook Earphones which on paper sounded perfect for the sort of thing I use them for. Now, the water resistant bit doesn’t mean they are waterproof. I can’t go swimming with them on which is probably a good thing because if I could I would be obliged to get a waterproof housing for my iPod. However, they should be splash proof so I could wear them running in the rain or to the gym without worrying about them being ruined by rain or sweat. That said, I’ve never really had a problem with other earphones getting wet. In fact I’ve even put a set through the washing machine before now without any ill effects.

The set I was sent are a nice shade of blue and have a hook that goes over your ears to keep them in place during physical exercise. This is actually a good thing as normal earphones are forever falling our whilst I’m running or at east slipping a little and after a while putting them back in gets quite annoying. The hooks seems to work in most situations and are comfortable to wear. The earphones stay in place nicely when running, on the elliptical or working out in the gym. I do find that they can slip out still whilst doing exercises that require you to lie on your back though such as sit ups or bench presses, but in general the hook works and keeps them in place.

The sound quality is good too. They aren’t noise cancelling but they are do have noise isolation which helps block out some background noise whilst at the gym or on my turbo trainer. The fact that they stay nicely in place helps with this too.

Overall they seem to be well built and function well. The wire has a rubberised coating which gives them a rugged, sporty feel, but as with all earphone cables it does tend to get tangled  and the slightly sticky rubberised coating makes them more difficult to untangle. I’m sure if I rolled them up a little neater rather than just shoving them into my kit bag this wouldn’t be an issue. The fact that I didn’t pay for them means that I’ve been given a chance to try them out and they are better than the cheap versions I’ve been using lately. So much so that when it comes time to replace them I may well get another set. If they last longer than the cheap ones then that will definitely be an option.

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