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Higi Rewards 13

Get Rewarded when you Exercise

Exercise Rewards As far as I’m concerned, exercise of almost any form is already fairly rewarding. It’s good for your health, it’s good for your general wellbeing, it makes you look and feel good, it can get you out in the real world doing cool things and visiting nice places and the release of endorphins...

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Funky New Earphones 0

Funky New Earphones

I think I must have unusually robust ears as I seem to get through earphones for my iPod in no time at all. I’m forever replacing them so have recently resorted to buying cheap ones from the £1 shop as then it doesn’t matter if I break them. It was quite nice the other day...

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Being a Sports and Exercise Science Lab Rat 4

Being a Sports and Exercise Science Lab Rat

A friend of mine (Jon) is doing a PhD. in the Sports and Exercise Science Department at Aberystwyth University and was looking for lab rats. Being a glutton for punishment I of course agreed to help out and have now become a participant in his study. He is researching ‘Supine exercise and the power-duration relationship’...

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Keeping Fit – Staying Motivated 1

Keeping Fit – Staying Motivated

So, how are you all doing, no doubt many of you started a fitness regime in the New Year and now its crunch time. Have you kept to it? Are you still motivated? How can you keep it up? It can be difficult, work and family commitments get in the way, the weather isn’t great,...

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