Work Induced Injuries and Over-Eating.

I’ve always said that ‘work’ isn’t good for you and once again I proved it yesterday by tweaking a muscle in my back whilst moving a carpet for someone. I’d been painting and decorating at their house and now had to move an old carpet out of the room so that a new one could be fitted. Whilst lifting the old carpet into the car I felt a muscle pull in my back but it didn’t feel too bad so I carried on as normal.

I then went to meet Anna for lunch and by the time I got to Ta Med I was in quite a bit of pain and unable to walk properly, sit properly and certainly couldn’t twist, turn or bend – no lunchtime dancing for me, even though there were students dancing on the concourse as we headed across to the union to get some ibuprofen. Not that I would have joined them anyway, but I would normally have gone to circuit training and for a swim session on a Tuesday evening but considering the soreness in my back I decided to give them both a miss. Yet more missed trainings sessions for me then and with time on my hands that usually means more eating as well.

I really do need to get a grip on my eating as I seem to go from one extreme to another. When I’m being good I’ll have a fairly healthy diet composed mainly of fresh fruit and veg, lots of salads and some healthy fats and proteins. I rarely eat anything that processed and my sugar intake is quite low too. However, if I can’t train or I let things slip then I can’t just eat one chocolate chip cookie, I’ll eat them all and I’ll snack on sweets and chocolate and cakes all day if given the chance. The trouble is I just never get full, when people say they are full-up I don’t really know what they mean as I’ve never experienced the feeling, I can easily just keep eating and eating and eating. The only way to stop it is to be doing something else such as exercising.

Yesterday was one of the ‘naughty’ days. I couldn’t exercise so after a fairly large lunch of brocolli and leek bake with chips, carrots and roast parsnips I skipped the cake, but had a Peanut Butter KitKat and coffee with Anna to drown my ‘back-pain’ sorrows. I then went shopping for some supplies to try out our new recipe from Whilst shopping I bought some Chocolate Chunk Cookies for Morgan and his friend, but ended up eating 3 of them myself. Once back at home I started cooking Singapore Noodles whilst snacking on spoonfuls of peanut butter and big chunks of marzipan!

Dinner was delicious mind you and I of course went back for second helpings and it was followed by banana fritters and spiced syrup also courtesy of I then continued to snack on tangerines and marzipan throughout the evening so that by the end of the day I’d managed to polish off in the region of 7,000 calories. See, work is bad for you, it results in injuries, prevents you from exercising and makes you eat too much!

I did pay my £129 registration fee for the European Sprint Triathlon Championships in Kitzbuhel yesterday as well though so maybe with that looming I’ll be motivated a little more and will start focussing on a better diet, losing some weight and getting race fit. Thankfully I don’t think there is any lasting damage to my back, it’s just a pulled muscle and although still sore today, I have managed to get out for a very slow, recovery run. And when I say slow, I mean slow!

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  1. Avatar forComment Author Emily says:

    My fiancé loves chocolate but has managed not to eat any over Christmas (he’s trying to lose weight for our wedding). He has managed to do it by refusing himself any sweet things, an all-or-nothing approach seems to work for him.

    I am still eating sweet things occasionally but usually manage to restrain myself by focusing on how I’ll feel if I go crazy, for instance getting tooth ache or feeling guilty. Maybe you’ve just got into bad habits – you’re obviously phenomenally fit, so I’m sure you can get back into shape 🙂

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