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I’m doing well following the training regime set by my coach. I think I’ve even got used to the hilly runs that he has been setting me to do. The first one I did about a month ago was pretty tough, but since then I’ve been sticking with it and even increasing the distance a little. Rather than doing an out and back run as before I’ve been starting in Borth and then running along the coast path to Wallog where I head inland along a rocky track to the coast road and then run back into Borth.

It’s just under 6 miles in total and has been taking just over 50 minutes to complete. That might not be a particularly fast pace, but when you factor in the 1200+ feet of climb and the fact that both the climbs and descents are brutal then it isn’t too bad. I’ve been getting faster as well.

  • 1st attempt: 51:52
  • 2nd attempt: 51:25
  • 3rd attempt: 50:16

On the third attempt I did it in the opposite direction though, clockwise rather than anti-clockwise. The distance is obviously still the same and so is the amount of climbing, but I think it might be a little easier this way around. The climbs are steeper and more brutal, in fact at the moment some of them are only just about achievable without resorting to walking for me. The descents are a little less steep though so I’m able to make up more time on the descents than I loose on the climbs I think. Maybe there isn’t really any difference and I was just faster today, but I was taking a little easier as my knee has been sore and despite being faster it actually felt a little easier. Maybe I’m just getting more used to running slightly longer distances. I hope so.

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