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I had my swim stroke recorded on video a few weeks back and have now got a copy of the footage.

Now, before you say anything, my swimming isn’t too bad, but I’m also far from being ‘really’ fast. I guess I’m better than the ‘average Joe’ in the water, but even so I’m nowhere near as fast as some people who just seem to make it all look so easy. There is definitely plenty of room for improvement. So, with the risk of being ridiculed, here it is for all to see.

If you are an expert in these matters then feel free to point out errors and where improvements can be made. If there’s anything good about it then that would be nice to hear too. If you don’t know anything about swimming then feel free to comment also, there’s bound to be some remarks about my choice of swimming trunks or something!

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  1. Mark Warren says:

    Hi Al,
    We met in Turkey on way to and fro from hotels. The video is a little cloudy and given that you do alright with your overall race times….winner etc. then how much gain do you need?
    The stroke is a bit sloppy and you have lateral movement rather than forward propulsion. The lead arm draws away too early before the next arm is between your elbow joint and wrist. Rotation could be better too. I do swim video analysis and you could upload your video onto for free and see what occurs when you slow the video down. You may have more angles of the video…this can help too. Correction drills: take the speed out and try to swim straight to start with and establish a good body rotation over the black line ( pull buoy can help). the move to comfortable bilateral breathing with min. head disruption to stroke and then arm timing……it takes time. Break your sets down to 100’s when working on technique too. Hope this helps for now. Good luck. My contact details on my website. Regards Mark

    • Alan says:

      Brilliant, Thanks Mark…

      I’ll take a proper look at all of this when I have some time to take it in properly. I’ll also take a look at kinovea too once I’m on a PC rather than the Mac.

      Looks as though there is plenty for me to work on! 🙂


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