Red Severe Weather Warning

The Met office have upgraded the weather warning for Ceredigion to ‘Red’ – The highest level for severe weather warnings which means there is a risk to life and that people in the affected areas should ‘Take Action”

Severe Weather Warning

Severe Weather Warning

During this afternoon a swathe of exceptionally strong winds is expected to affect western parts of Wales and then some northwestern parts of England this evening, particularly in coastal areas. Winds are expected to gust 80 mph widely and possibly reach 100 mph in the most exposed locations in west and northwest Wales.

Winds of this strength can cause widespread structural damage, bringing down trees and also leading to loss of power supplies. In addition, large waves are likely to affect some coasts. The public should take action to alter their travel arrangements during this spell of storm force winds.

A vigorous area of low pressure is expected to move northeastwards across Ireland and southern Scotland this afternoon and evening. Damaging winds are likely to develop along the southern flank of this area of low pressure, especially in coastal locations.

Coastal areas of west Wales and northwest England are likely to bear the brunt as southwesterly (later westerly) winds widely gust to 80 mph and possibly 100 mph in the most exposed locations. The core of strongest winds will then affect parts of the coast of north Wales and northwest England early evening with peak gusts of 85 mph.

I’ve strapped down the beehives so have taken some sort of action but I’m not really sure what else I can do? Although I am contemplating a wind assisted Strava segment along the Golf Course mile… Surely with a 100mph tailwind I can beat the record?

The weather station here may beat some records too. The current strongest gust recorded was 62.6 knots on 21st Dec 2013 but it is already recording winds of close to 50 knots – time to batten down the hatches in West Wales once again.

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  1. Alan says:

    Network Rail has suspended travel on the Machynlleth-Aberystwyth line until at least 20:00 this evening..

    Ysgol Gynradd T Llew Jones School has closed..

  2. Alan says:

    Ysgol Bro Sion Cwilt School now as well and according to the BBC so have Penglais and Penweddig in Aberystwyth.

    Apparently the council offices are sending staff home too so that they can get home before the worst of it hits.


  3. Alan says:

    The uni has closed so Anna is being sent home early:

    “We are advising staff and students to leave our campuses as soon as you can so that you arrive home before dark. Library services will be closing at 3:30pm and all academic buildings, the Arts Centre and Sports Centre will be closing by 4pm. Please take care as you make your journey home.

    We are aware that a tree has already fallen on Penglais hill, as is the case in other parts of the county.”

    Ceredigion County Council has also said that schools along the coast are inviting parents to come and collect their children earlier than usual.

    Another week in Wales!!!

  4. Alan says:

    Uh oh…. Anna can’t get off campus due to fallen trees and traffic jam, so can’t get to the school to collect Morgan.

    There’s a huge tree down right across the road on Penglais Hill and it looks as though all other roads in Aberystwyth are gridlocked. The Arts Centre is closed as the doors have been smashed by the wind, the power keeps going off here and the wind id now gusting to 56.5 knots but is consistently peaking at over 50 knots.

    I think we can safely say that it’s blowin’ a hoolie!


  5. mum says:

    Hope Anna gets home safely and soon, sounds bad again, how is Morgan
    Getting home then

    • Alan says:

      Sorry for the lack up updates but the power went out as a 69.6 knots gust hit at around 4pm yesterday (the strongest ever) and has been out ever since. We’re all OK though and had the nicest jacket potatoes ever for dinner – cooked in foil on the word burning stove under candle-light. Mmm Mmm!

      Still no electricity this morning though, so we may have to repeat the jacket potato dinner tonight as well.

      I hope it is back on for tomorrow as we have a nice Valentines Day dinner planned and although eating it under candlelight will be romantic I don’t think I can cook it on the wood-burning stove.


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